1. Even had we lost, we could all have taken consolation in recognising Mauricio brought his A game in terms of suiting up.

  2. iheartsetpieces:

    Arsenal 1 - 1 Tottenham

    Chadli - 56’


  3. hallucinajennyrottenriguez:

    Fucking Homer’s expression in the second panel has me in tears. 

    (Source: thesimpsonswayoflife)

  4. I used to be friends with Olivier Giroud, but now he is no longer my friend, it is finished.

    — Benjamin Stambouli on Olivier Giroud now he plays for Tottenham and Olivier for Arsenal (via chr1stian-eriksen)

    Hahaha banter

  5. tthumbelina:

send this to your crush 


    send this to your crush 

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